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Welcome to the Council of East Tennessee Square & Round Dance Club's Web site

From our president, Pat Blackmore:

WELCOME!  You have found the official website for the Council of East Tennessee (CET).  I hope the information in this site will be helpful to you, whether you are looking for dances or classes!

Our organization encompasses a total of 16 clubs, located from Morristown, TN (Lakeway Twirlers) to Grandview, TN (Grandview Twirlers, just outside of Spring City).  Our square dance clubs offer both mainstream & plus levels.  We are also fortunate to have round dance clubs as well as clubs offering advanced level dancing.  Several of these clubs also feature lines between tips at the dances -- so there truly is something for everyone!

Please check out all the links offered on this site to find dances (every night except Sunday).  Most of our clubs will begin new-student classes, starting the first week in September.  If you or someone you know would be interested in these classes, we urge you to join us!  If you are an experienced dancer, we'd love to have you come out to the classes and "angel" the students as they experience the activity we all love!

Be sure to also check out the "Events" link for special dances/events scheduled for the coming months.  Some of the CET clubs regularly schedule "national-level" callers and you'll be able to find times and places to dance to these outstanding callers.  Our area is truly fortunate to have many local callers of excellent talent so, wherever & whenever you dance, you'll be assured of an evening of exciting dancing and warm fellowship! If you have questions, or for more information, please contact me directly at (865) 207- 3635 or via email at prospectgirl(at)gmail(dot)com.

I hope to see you across the square soon.

CET President


    The purpose of this non-profit association is to encourage, perpetuate and standardize the art of Western-style Square & Round Dancing through organized clubs whose members promote good will, fun and fellowship among Square & Round dancers.

    The Council is a banding together of individual Square & Round Dance Clubs for the mutual advantage of all. As an organization, it is not its intention to interfere in the internal affairs of its member clubs. The Council will offer the combined experience and knowledge of its personnel to assist individual clubs in solving problems when these same clubs ask for help or assistance. Each member club is expected to contribute to the effectiveness of the Council of Square & Round Dancers, which is governed by and for Square & Round Dancers.

    Membership of the Council consists of organized Square/Round Dance Clubs within Area III and V and fringe areas of the State Association, or charter members, desiring to participate in the functions of the organization. For the geographical area covered by Areas III and V of the State Association, please visit the State Association's web site at www.tnsquaredance.org. Membership of a club will be approved or disapproved by the Board of Directors upon written application by the club.

    Our member clubs dance almost every day of the week except Sunday. Check out the Square Dance Schedule page or the Round Dance Schedule page to find a club that meets at a time and place that is convenient for you. We also offer classes at some locations, check our Classes page for more information and scheduling regarding these opportunities. For upcoming special events, check our Events page. It will be updated frequently as new events are added. 

The minutes of our July  2016 meeting can be found here.

Most of our clubs celebrate their anniversaries with dances on their scheduled dance weekend. You can see a listing of club anniversaries here.

Once a year,  on a fifth Saturday of the month, the Council holds its annual dance. Our next council dance will be April 29, 2017.  It will be hosted by the Grandview Twirlers, and will be held at the Square Dance Center in downtown Knoxville. For directions, please click here.

We are a part of the Tennessee State Association of Square and Round Dance Clubs, Inc.
Here is a calendar to find a dance, courtesy of the Tennessee State Association of Square and Round Dance Clubs!

Square Dancing is the official dance of the State of Tennessee!!

President: Pat  Blackmore
122 Virginia Rd.
Oak Ridge, TN  37830
(865) 207-3635

Vice President: Dusty Rosenberger-Disney
309 Scruggs Avenue;
Clinton, TN  37716. 
(865) 228-0561

Secretary: Mary Ruth & Dale Little
913 Kentucky St.
Oliver Springs 37840
(865) 686-5779

Treasurer: Bob & Maxine Schultz
108 Beechwood Ct.
Oak Ridge 37830
(865) 482-0080

Activities Coordinator: Tammy Berry
214 Echodale Ln.
Knoxville 37920

Web Master: Tim Berry
214 Echodale Ln. Knoxville 37920
(865) 579-3494

"Dance Data" Editor: Larry Dunkel
3617 Lucinda Drive Knoxville 37918
(865)  256-2538